A dedicated business Platform
Upscale features

Full web access without setup and with efficient bandwidth

For your messages to be accessible to the greatest number of people

Installing plugins or Java modules is often an obstacle for online meeting attendees. Webcast concept offers the advantage of being compatible with both newer browsers and older browsers, such as Internet Explorer 8, which is still present in many companies.

Unlike systems based only on screen sharing, we also offer the possibility of broadcasting media in html mode. Particularly useful for Powerpoint presentations, this way of streaming provides a high quality of presentation and uses very little bandwidth.

A clear and simple Attendee Player that fits all environments

For the comfort of your attendees

The way the system has been designed offers maximum comfort to attendees. Attendees can follow along with the presentation and interact when necessary, without any visual distractions.

The content automatically adjusts to the size of the screen, whatever the resolution.

Separate video and document displays

You can simultaneously stream video content (webcam, video encoder or registered file) and document content (presentations, photos, screencams…). Thus, the attendee receives a simultaneous display of high-quality video and documents.

During the meeting, depending on the context, it is possible to switch to full-screen video or document mode.

The attendee can adjust the size of the video display / document for an optimal fit in its display area.

Open or restricted access, you can choose

To suit different situations

o access the meeting you can:

  • Use a generic link that can be shared simultaneously by several participants and does not require registration.
  • Provide a registration step in which each attendee receives a single access link after filling out a form.
  • Provide a supervised registration step in which each participant has to fill out a form and you validate each request based on the information entered. Then the participant receives a single access link or a denial message.

The Live Controller : Control your event in real time

Everything you need to run the broadcast combined in a single dashboard.

Used directly by the presenter or by a co-worker in the role of studio manager, the Live Control Interface allows you to have real time visibility during the meeting (streaming display options, launch of content, chat, list of attendees, etc…) and the ability to change parameters in real time.

It is possible to open several sessions at the same time on the Live Controller Interface to distribute roles and thus have assistance during the event.

Compatible with standalone encoders.

For quality, reliability and ease of use

Standalone encoders are compact devices on which a video camera is connected that loads, automatically encodes and transmits the video stream to our servers without using a PC. These materials eliminate the need for a computer and provide optimal image quality and highly reliable operation.

Webcast concept platform allows the simultaneous use of multiple encoders in addition to the video stream from the webcam, thus offering the possibility to switch from one video source to another.

You can also use your iphone as a secondary source to transmit video images from various places.