Ensuring that the live communication becomes an operational tool
A unique approach
customized to get the best results for your business

Due to the potential of the Web, along with the interactivity offered by the live stream, webcasting complements the range of marketing and sales tools available to the company. It seems like a great way to optimize costs without affecting the social nature of your exchange.

However, by deploying such solutions live communication does not just happen...The technological complexity is daunting because to ensure interactivity a variety of parameters must be taken into account: securing flow, managing a variety of computer protocols, ensuring multiple browser compatibility, monitoring video quality, choosing the codec, compression, encoding, etc...

This is where Webcast concept comes in. Our role is to ensure that web technologies can actually deliver on their promises and that the tools are:

  • Simple and ergonomically designed
  • Efficient
  • The best possible quality

From existing software, which is often too rigid, to agencies with very expensive services and which do not respond to emergencies or even basic requests, there was something missing: a flexible, easy solution and ultra-customizable professional service.
Our webcast solution is controlled using a dashboard with live, interactive video streaming, specifically adapted for the use of companies.

Our concept

  • We deliver a unique approach based on an overall solution that integrates human support and mastery of technology management into a live broadcast.
  • Our goal is to make webcasting a permanent resource. We support you in the process of setting up a technologically stable studio with integrated communication, offering flexibility and speed in its use.
  • We support employees of the company to ensure a good deployment of the tool and an effective use in the heart of the company.

The purpose

Whereas existing solutions only focus on delivering a system, we focus on helping you to deliver your message efficiently. Our system adapts to meet your needs.

Our years of experience in web, audiovisual and computer technology have allowed us to create a tool with several features that can be customized to help you achieve the best result.

That is the reason why:

Our technical expertise and know-how allow us to cover the entire broadcasting chain and that we are able to perform professional broadcasting services from A to Z.

That is the reason why:

We accompany our customers who want to capitalize on the Webcast to make an integrated and operational tool permanently available.

That is the reason why:

That's why we provide you a platform in order to facilitate the webcast that combines in one tool all you need to manage your Webcast. Thus, the solutions are developed and mastered in-house, and are truly thinking and created to suit the usage of our clients.

An approach that makes Webcast concept
the ideal partner for your live communication.

A global offer


We give priority to an integral 360 ° approach, which aims to achieve a high-quality result, while providing an integrated and permanently usable system: You can independently manage as many live broadcasts as necessary, without a time limit, and all under a controlled budget.

Thus our offer includes:

  • Access to the platform "webcast" to autonomously manage your webinars
  • Assistance with starting the deployment tool
  • Management of the Internet connection reserved for your live broadcast.
  • Advice and descriptions of different kits with materials suited to your use of the live webcast.
  • General assistance throughout the project with your teams and attendees.



Our platform is the only one in the market to offer advanced customization of the displays and message options. Use of your color chart provides a high quality and professional result. You can customize your interface and create a fully branded webcast to make your participants feel "at home".

Television standards at your fingertips


Our platform has been designed to meet the World Television standards for quality, professionalism and high-definition results.

  • Compatible with high-end and HD video sources
  • Combines useful features to the presenter (teleprompter mode, pause mode, time-line reference, viewing live attendees ...)
  • Ensures high quality of both live and recorded speaking

The Set-up


We assist you in developing an understanding of our service. We believe it is essential to bring you a human service, with support, advice, and the information necessary to perform a handover of the Platform. Our aim is to provide you with a good understanding of the Platform from the outset to ensure that the features are fully taken advantage of by your teams.