Webcast concept provide a business development strategy based on webcasting solutions

You have to reach international and Europeans markets.

You need to increase your results and detect more business opportunities.

You have to enliven and retain your network of partners.

Webcast concept helps you to deploy a virtuous approach based on running professional and recurrent webcast which aim is to generate qualify leads and work efficiently on your contacts files.


Boost your business: Boost your sales prospecting and your customers portfolio. A complete suystem dedicated to your development.Webcast concept takes care of the implementation of process and actions that help to pick up strategic information and qualify business leads

Loyalty, Increase contacts opportunities to improve sales. We set up an approach of diffusion and live presentation of subjects, products...adapted to your contacts panel. Objectives: To maintain the link, to create a climate of confidence and to detect news needs before your competitors.

Webcast concept is

The ideal blend between the efficiency of an experienced and professional team

combined with the mastery of data management, streaming and Web technologies.


A team specializing in live communication that brings you the expertise and support necessary for the success of your operations. Coaching is an integral part of our approach when deploying our solution in your business.



An Online Professional platform to master the entire chain of distribution live. It's simple and intuitive Webcast concept brings together in one application tools and features needed to implement your dealings live on the Internet.

Webcast concept is adapted to meet the requirements of companies


Technical expertise




Operational solution


High quality

Une approche à 360°

Webcast Concept offers a complete solution. We accompany our clients in the long term to maintain a regular and lasting relationship with their clients and to obtain convincing results.

The strengths of our approach:

  • A long-lasting accompaniment: Follow-up at every stage with constant optimization of results
  • A serious contacts database management provided by our team. Collecting and gaining contacts is a crucial phase that we carefully manage to enrich your file.
  • Registration management. We provide a powerful system for sending e-mailing and our team can relaunch the contacts to optimaze the umber of attendees.
  • The technology mastery. We adapt the means according to the styles and objectives of the broadcasts: Dynamic streaming, multicamera, staged as a TV show, many interactive functions...
  • A unique system to centralize all actions around the webcast to ensure technical stability at each step and collect valuable Data.

Web and live streaming, the winning duo




The Web is the common point between you and your contacts. Everyone has an email address and Internet access. It is now possible to eliminate borders with ease, while combining reactivity and savings.

Live steam is the most effective way to recreate real-life interaction. Presenting live provides true interactivity and allows you to put people at the heart of the dialog.